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 Since I can remember I have always loved games and sports. Some sports or games I became enthralled with and extremely passionate about such as fencing, squash, golf, basketball, football, tennis, billiards and darts. However, many others peaked my curiosity and interest. No matter what sort of activity or challenge confronting me, I always welcomed the adrenaline rush of scoring and trying my hardest to beat whatever opponent faced me. I love competing.  In most cases I wanted to learn as much as possible about that particular activity in order to achieve the highest level. 

The Cooler Shoot Game

The Cooler Shoot® game was created to offer unique challenges while you get those competitive juices flowing all the while laughing and having fun with friends. In those brief moments that we play games, we forget about time, problems, stress and other normal issues that have become our day to day trek in life and we are swept up by lady luck, style, technique, gamesmanship and the like. Games take us to a 'happy' place as we focus on our mission to win or compete at our highest level. That is the philosophy with which this game was created. The Cooler Shoot® Game is simple enough to offer everyone a chance to compete and have fun but also challenging enough to drive all of us to the point of practicing in order to get really good for the next time we are confronted with a worthy opponent. It is a game of finesse and accuracy so don't be fooled. I hope you enjoy hours of backyard, poolside, tailgating, beachside and indoor Cooler Shoot® games and learn to accept the challenge that awaits. We greatly appreciate your interest as well as patronage and welcome any feedback you might have in your endeavors with the Cooler Shoot®.- Larry Sharpe (Game Developer) 

Looking to the Future

We welcome your feedback and will keep working to make each game better than the last. We are a new growing company and we are working to create an online customer service center.  We want to start some local tournaments as well to keep connected with our customers. Drop us a line, and let us know what your experiences have been.


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Larry (859) 312-8418 or Jeff (859) 806-7331