Cooler with a Twist

Spring Loaded Can Butler

This is certainly a WOW factor that was conceived by Jeff Baumgardner one of our owners.  He owned a tubular cooler when he was in college and came up with the idea of making his own spring loaded cooler.  Just turn the tube on top of the cooler and watch the cold ones pop out!


Our current insulation properties consist of  reflective material with air bubbles and can reflect up to 97% of the UV rays which is a major cause of heat.  It has a reasonable R-value with the help of the insulation as well as the dead space that surrounds the cold cans.

Ease of Use

The Cooler Shoot Towers are easy to carry with our industrial straps and metal riveted D-rings.  Almost indestructible.  Just pick them up fully loaded and enjoy the convenience of transporting your game and drinks without banging up yourself and everything around you.

Other Uses

Take the Cooler Towers along with you to a party and become the topic of conversation (at least for a while).  Or, strap it to your golf cart along with your golf clubs and enjoy a few cold ones during your round.  And consider using it as your drink holder/can butler while you enjoy other backyard or outdoor games.